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The All-New Next Generation

Hybrid Barrels

Created by and for Maple Syrup Producers

Ovoid Design

  • ✓ Food grade stainless steel interior component with unique ovoid design
  • ✓ Greater impact resistance
  • ✓ Simplified deep cleaning
  • ✓ Reduced risk of cracking thanks to improved robot performed welding

Rotomolded Plastic

  • ✓ Exterior component of rotomolded plastic
  • ✓ Unparalleled impact resistance inherent to this materia
  • ✓ Integrated RFID chip

Smart Barrel

  • ✓ Enables traceability
  • ✓ Enables maple syrup producers or processors to compile data
  • ✓ Improves stock and inventory control

Hybrid Barrel

  • ✓ The hybrid barrel composition combines rotomolded plastic and stainless steel
  • ✓ Easier handling since the S.P. barrel is lighter than its stainless steel competitors
  • ✓ Syrup quality preservation

About our new technology applied to S.P barrels

The hybrid design of S.P. Barrels, combining stainless steel and rotomolded plastic, makes it an innovative and unique product. This process makes it more impact resistant as well as greater durability than the various barrels already on the market. The double wall also allows increased safety for the product in case of damage. An electronic chip allowing traceability of the barrel has also been integrated to meet specific needs of maple syrup producers.